Self Care Practice at Clarkston High

Written by Cheryl Crawford on . Posted in High School Yoga, Inspiration


Testing week can bring on contracted hearts, contracted minds and  feelings of inadequacy

Put your awareness into your breath pattern to open your heart wide

Love and joy and wisdom are amounts that cannot be measured

Even during testing

When you are in love and joy and wisdom, you become more efficient, more at ease


As you smooth out your breath, you are more open,

As you are more open, you are more aware

Awareness serves you with knowledge

Acting with Knowledge turns knowledge into wisdom

Your Life becomes a knowledgeable wise event

You take on aspects of the heart

More at ease more often



Tend to be open more often and the cycle starts again


Breath wider, Heart wider, Mind wider, voice wider,

Reach wider

And LAUGH wider..

Bring on the laughter, Clarkston High

May you be at ease in your heart

Sat Nam

Thank you Kelley Sue Hardin for capturing the practice..

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