Scenes from the Road based on the United States of You Curriculum: Moving from Anger to Devotion

Written by Cheryl Crawford on . Posted in Curriculum, High School Yoga

angerThe highlighted route was foggy, but with purposeful rerouting we set off from the state of Anger. Temperatures were raised, shoulders rolled in, arms crossed. Few words spoken. Breath shallow. Hot Heads Head Warning.  As the breath holds, the feelings burn. Transformation is necessary.

How did we get here?

Nia's journal

Where to?

Our meditation provided the map. The road that led to our destination. Devotion. Our Anger could be upcycled, reused in order to be transformed into Passion, Devotion. As we moved our hips side to side we churned out old Anger, old Hurts,old Frustrations. Passing through Irritation, Disappointment we came into Confidence and Courage. We grounded our Anger from our hips to our feet by stomping up and down our mats. A sprinkling of giggles lightened the space. Determination was set in our fixed gaze.


What next?
One last look at contraction as we rounded the bend. Our goal was in sight.
By opening, expanding, melting our contradictions behind our bellies, we allowed the wings of our hearts to soar. Our connections reminded us how traveling together is more fun.



 From Anger to Devotion: 75 minutes based on current traffic.


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