High School Programs

Our High School programs are designed to meet the specific needs of teenagers. High School is a time for young adults to expand and explore the world with confidence and self-esteem, and our programs give students tools for success. We take very seriously our role of helping teens root themselves deeply in their best selves. Whether teaching good health habits such as a daily yogic exercise routine, teaching stress-reduction techniques to prepare for tests or handle social anxiety, or teaching productive ways to identify and process emotions, our yoga is practical, rooted in the here and now, and yields immediate results. It just takes one class to feel the benefits of yoga. Our High School programs can be custom-designed to best fit the needs of your school. Integrating the benefits of yoga into your school environment will create long-lasting health and well-being for your students that they will take with them far beyond Graduation Day. You can schedule daily classes as part of your curriculum, weekly classes during or after school, or a workshop designed to meet the specific needs or desires of your school. We offer a wide selection to choose from such as:

  • Full-year programs
  • Semester programs
  • Tools for Classroom Teachers
  • Tools for Physical Education Teachers
  • Tools for Team Building
  • Tools for Stress Reduction
  • Tools for Parents

In addition, workshops and classes can also be integrated into your regular routine, such as:

    • Classroom or PE class visits
    • PTA Events
    • Classes for sports teams
    • New Teacher Orientations
    • Ongoing Teacher and Staff Trainings
    • Department Meetings
    • School Board Meetings
    • Award Ceremonies
    • Retreats


Self Care Practice at Clarkston High

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Testing week can bring on contracted hearts, contracted minds and  feelings of inadequacy

Put your awareness into your breath pattern to open your heart wide

Love and joy and wisdom are amounts that cannot be measured

Even during testing

When you are in love and joy and wisdom, you become more efficient, more at ease


As you smooth out your breath, you are more open,

As you are more open, you are more aware

Awareness serves you with knowledge

Acting with Knowledge turns knowledge into wisdom

Your Life becomes a knowledgeable wise event

You take on aspects of the heart

More at ease more often



Tend to be open more often and the cycle starts again


Breath wider, Heart wider, Mind wider, voice wider,

Reach wider

And LAUGH wider..

Bring on the laughter, Clarkston High

May you be at ease in your heart

Sat Nam

Thank you Kelley Sue Hardin for capturing the practice..

Worry to Wonder {Full} at Clarkston High

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Widen Eyes, Hearts, Inhales

WIDEN  Stance, Chests, Exhales

WIDEN Strength, Balance, Inhales

Widen Roots, Branches, Exhales

Widen Trust,  Perspective, Inhales

Widen Reach, Smiles, Exhales

Widen Wisdom, Wonder, Inhales

Widen Worth, WOW, Exhales



Meet Katarina/Determined and Daring

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– Katarina –

Standing Grounded, Focused, and in her Power

Atlanta Yoga Movement_Loyall Hart0081


Through her I am the Face of Beauty Profile Page, we catch a glimpse of Katarina’s lightheartednessIMG_1225


Her visual creativity allows her shine in many other aspects of her lifeIMG_1227

The acute awareness she possess of her body makes learning movement a joyIMG_1226

 The way Katarina listens to her peers and inuits their needs makes her a wonderful friendIMG_1228

Meet Cemelia #donotpassyouremotionsontosomeoneelse

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Watchful, Thoughtful, and Reserved. Cemelia Winn, pictured in the red sweatshirt, spent several weeks with her gaze averted when approached by another. Deeply kindhearted and eager to make friends despite her quiet nature, she one day approached me with a request for more partners poses. This typically soft spoken student found her voice! She expressed her need and desire to connect with the her peers. Her face lit up as she collaborated with her classmates and cultivated meaningful relationships with them.

Atlanta Yoga Movement_Loyall Hart0140

(Energy Circuit)

When reflecting upon what she learned over the semester, Cemelia mentions these newfound friendships, as well as the general effect yoga had on her mind and body…

Atlanta Yoga Movement_Loyall Hart0011

(Doing Your Chores)

What was it like to take yoga as class in school?

 “I enjoyed every moment I spent time the lovable people in yoga class. Sometimes, I have a stressful time and hated to do yoga, but when I actually tried, it helped me a lot. When I first started yoga, my body felt stiff and I didn’t really know how to look at myself or my emotions. As time passed by, I learned how to help myself get calmer and forgive people.”

What pose did you like to practice often?

“My favorite pose is dark seed light because it helps me get grounded.”

What state do you like to act from?

“My all time favorite state is calm.”

Please share a bit of wisdom you have discovered through practicing yoga.


Atlanta Yoga Movement_Loyall Hart0100

(Get Up)


Coming Full Circle

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Kind Colette McCarty has been participating in yoga clubs since she attended Fernbank Elementary. Now a sophomore at Druid Hills High School, Colette made her way into the 1st period yoga class last semester. Curious, Thoughtful, Creative, and Aware. Colette flourished in yoga. Her inner light radiated from within as she continuously sought to understand herself and those around her. Yoga became an integral part of Colette’s life; she enrolled in classes outside of school and shared her knowledge with her family. Colette found that the practice of yoga in its entirety transformed her inner world. She uncovered playfulness, strength, focus, courage, and peace. This new center from which Colette lives should be shared, so when I asked her if she would like learn how guide others in art of yoga, she jumped on board!

Over this past few days, Colette joined the Grounded Kid’s Yoga Module One training. This specific training is the first step on the path towards teaching children’s (pre-teen & teen) yoga, and the perfect place for Colette to begin as she hopes to bring more yoga to Druid Hills High.

After immersing herself in the teaching philosophies and methods of Grounded Kid’s Yoga, Colette had to co-lead a children’s class with her fellow trainees. Below, you can see Colette bringing out her sacred silliness as she teaches the students Laughter Milkshake!

Transformation: A Slow-Cooked Process Pt. 4

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After living in such fear and doubt, Aleikah was concerned her stew was spoiled. This is not how yoga works! When she finally harnessed enough courage to look inside her slow-cooking pot, she was relieved to find such positivity! Strength of body, peace of mind, and trust in self are just a few ingredients that really came to life for her.


Aleikah is Finding Her Voice


Aleikah Powell

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