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Meet Katarina/Determined and Daring

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– Katarina –

Standing Grounded, Focused, and in her Power

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Through her I am the Face of Beauty Profile Page, we catch a glimpse of Katarina’s lightheartednessIMG_1225


Her visual creativity allows her shine in many other aspects of her lifeIMG_1227

The acute awareness she possess of her body makes learning movement a joyIMG_1226

 The way Katarina listens to her peers and inuits their needs makes her a wonderful friendIMG_1228

Meet Cat | Blunt + Caring

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~Meet Cat~

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Towards the end of each semester, the students complete a course called, I am the Face of Beauty. It’s aim is to help students discover the genesis of what makes them uniquely beautiful. From the core to the outermost layer, I am the Face of Beauty celebrates each student’s core values, intelligence, characteristics, and physicality; helping them better identify the many beautiful parts that make up their whole beautiful being.

These revelations are consolidated into a single Profile Page.

Cat’s I Am the Face of Beauty Profile Page


The characteristics of her intrapersonal intelligence


The qualities that make her musically inclined


The Traits that make Cat a wordsmith


Meet Cheneah “Breathe Before You Act”

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Meet Cheneah!

Her Life Advice: “Breathe Before You Act”

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A Junior Standing at Druid Hills High, this vivacious young woman is full of creativity and wisdom. When asked what she learned from practicing yoga for a semester, she said, “I learned that hiding your feeling is not healthy, also that there are people who will listen. I discovered that I am really down-to-earth person, and I have a lot to offer.”

As a daily practice, Cheneah mentioned that yoga taught her breathe before action. “I’ve learned to breathe before I say something I might regret, or that could get me into trouble.”

Always interested in partner work, Cheneah collaborated with her peer, Zaria, to turn the individual pose No, Table, Yes into a partner pose. Watch the video here: Yes, No, Maybe So



Leslye Builds Resilience towards Blame

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After Leslye listened to her body and examined the affects both Blame and Calm have on her, she developed a series of poses to help release blame from her mind and body.



Leslye’s Haiku and Mantra reflects her strength and resilience towards the stickiness Blame can have on the mind and the heaviness it can have on the body.


Easing Stressful Thoughts

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Sometimes the only way to level a dark state is to give it voice, and then, let that voice go…Aleisha shares her speculations on stress through a personification prose


To accompany her mantra of trust and flexibility, she also explores using four key words to personalize the ‘I Am Chant’ to help her move from Stress to Calm.


How to To Use:

Press Index finger and Thumb together and speak aloud – I am Confident

Press Middle finger and Thumb together and chant – I am Free

Press Ring finger and Thumb together and express – I am Patient

Press Pinkie finger and Thumb together and vocalize – I am Trust

Repeat three times audibly, three times as a whisper, three times silently, then three times as a whisper, and back to three times audibly

Meet Aleisha “Let Go, Sometimes Just Go with the Flow”

Written by Hannah Rose Broom on . Posted in Inspiration

Meet Aleisha Stevenson, a sophomore at Druid Hills High School.

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Her Mantra: Let go, sometimes just go with the flow.”

Acutely Aware, Aleisha mapped out various emotional states of being within her body and how they make her body feel.


With this new information, Aleisha is now able to design personalized sequences to help her find release from any stiffness or tension in her body. She specifically created the series of ‘Calming Poses’ to help guide her mind and body move from the state of Stress to the state of Calm.


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