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Self Care Practice at Clarkston High

Written by Cheryl Crawford on . Posted in High School Yoga, Inspiration


Testing week can bring on contracted hearts, contracted minds and  feelings of inadequacy

Put your awareness into your breath pattern to open your heart wide

Love and joy and wisdom are amounts that cannot be measured

Even during testing

When you are in love and joy and wisdom, you become more efficient, more at ease


As you smooth out your breath, you are more open,

As you are more open, you are more aware

Awareness serves you with knowledge

Acting with Knowledge turns knowledge into wisdom

Your Life becomes a knowledgeable wise event

You take on aspects of the heart

More at ease more often



Tend to be open more often and the cycle starts again


Breath wider, Heart wider, Mind wider, voice wider,

Reach wider

And LAUGH wider..

Bring on the laughter, Clarkston High

May you be at ease in your heart

Sat Nam

Thank you Kelley Sue Hardin for capturing the practice..

Engaging the Muscles of Will Power at Keheley Elementary, Cobb County

Written by Cheryl Crawford on . Posted in Elementary School Yoga, Inspiration

How DO we get in the flow of Motivation and Activation?

We  build the energy resolve and momentum we need to hook into and remember our goal.

We remember. Energy follows thought.

What we pay attention to is pretty important.

If we pay attention to our worries, our doubts, our made up stories about our shortcomings, well, our energy will go there.

Yoga is a practice of training our focus and concentration so that we have choices about where we place our attention, where our energy goes and what aspect of ourselves we feed.

Yoga is about harnessing our attention, about managing energy and about consciously choosing what we are going to do with our energy, with our vital force once we gain access to it.


One of the most immediate and accessible ways to show someone that we care about them is to pay attention to them.

Paying attention in poses is the same way. It is about having a loving and respectful relationship with ourselves, about really getting to know who we are down to the nitty gritty of knowing what our pinky toe is doing and how it’s action relates to our knees, our hips and our hearts..

Our yoga practice speaks to every part of our body. It nourishes us in a revitalizing way.

It smooths out our nervous system.

It restores, it grounds us

It trains our brain

It engages our Will Power

It teaches us~
I WILL Power support for alignment actions with my goals.

I WON”T Power up my worries and doubts. I won’t do something I know deep down isn’t cool.

I WANT Power to hold on to my big picture, my vision.

Every time we take an action that engages the muscles of willpower, they get stronger!

Thank you, Keheley Elementary in Cobb County, for inviting us to your bright school! Your students and coaches are full of dignity and respect and it was such a delight to move and breathe and laugh and get still with you all! Keep on flexing your will power muscles!


Worry to Wonder {Full} at Clarkston High

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Widen Eyes, Hearts, Inhales

WIDEN  Stance, Chests, Exhales

WIDEN Strength, Balance, Inhales

Widen Roots, Branches, Exhales

Widen Trust,  Perspective, Inhales

Widen Reach, Smiles, Exhales

Widen Wisdom, Wonder, Inhales

Widen Worth, WOW, Exhales



Poised for Friendliness at Bob Mathis Elementary~

Written by Cheryl Crawford on . Posted in Elementary School Yoga, Inspiration

IMG_1125Here’s to Principal Blackwell for inviting yoga to her faculty meeting~

Because our task is to shine light into the darkness
Release the darkness of our own hesitations…

Release the idea that we don’t have the right..
Then ride the winds of this new authority into our mastery..
Here’s to the authority to bring on the light



– Let’s be steady in our service and take care of ourselves first. This allows us to be more effective in service to all..




Our heart teaches us to exert when we are giving and relax in order to receive- many of us operate in the reverse of this- 😉What if we Softened to experience the sensation of receiving…



Breath work helps us ground into the present moment-
And gives us freedom from sticky rigid internal battles.. So we can feel at home..
When we feel welcome in our own home body, others feel welcome in our presence..
We breathe, one nostril at a time..


Every moment we get to choose to be kind or unkind to ourselves… What will help to have the strength and stamina to be kind when it’s hard?

Extend arms up overhead~Inhale, imagine pulling a 200 pound weight in toward heart, exhale up again,inhale and pull heavier weight in toward belly, exhale up again,inhale and pull even heavier weight in toward forehead…


Whether it’s applause, blame, love, indifference, sympathy, laughter, anger or passion… the more we give, the more we will receive.

Let’s go for lots and lots of increasing our kindness muscle~
Combining purpose with a practice of conscious breathing… Controlling our breath, dedicating our moments to the movement of our inspirations… The more we purposely focus on being friendly to ourselves, the more we are poised for friendliness, the more LOVE we can receive, the more LOVE we can give…


Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr. taught us~
“Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love.” Let’s EXPERIENCE what we want to BELIEVE- physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically ~
Place one hand on heart, one hand on belly so we can project that LOVE out… Breathe in , think LOVE 7 times, pause think LOVE 7 times breathe out think PEACE 7 times
for 7 breaths- 💚💚💚


Sat Nam Bob Mathis, Sat Nam

May All Love Surround You~ And the pure light within you guide your way on~
See you this fall…

Kroger invests in Atlanta Yoga Movement’s Commitment to Public Schools

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The students ground through their sits bones, strengthening their core while they have fun in Playing With Fire Pose

The students ground through their sitting bones, strengthening their core while they have fun in Playing With Fire Pose


Atlanta Yoga Movement receives generous grant from Kroger

Atlanta Yoga Movement will be able to continue enriching the lives of Jolly Elementary students with the Yoga By Letter Curriculum thanks to the Kroger Foundation.

ATLANTA, GA, April 13, 2016 — Atlanta Yoga Movement is proud to announce that the grant application submitted to the Kroger Foundation has been approved.

The Generous grant will make Yoga possible at Jolly Elementary School during the 2016-2017 academic year. The grant will make possible: two 10 week, Yoga by letter programs. Not only will the program span the 2016-2017 academic year but it will also extend the length of the program from 7 to 10 weeks.

Atlanta Yoga Movement is ecstatic that the Kroger Foundation has decided to recognize and support the organizations efforts to increase student’s physical awareness, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, anatomical knowledge and literacy through the ‘Yoga By Letter’ Curriculum.

Atlanta Yoga Movement would also like to recognize Bruce Lucia and Glenn Jenkins at Kroger Corporate for their recommendation and assistance with this application. The organization would also like to recognize the hard work of Amanda Hendricks, who volunteered her time to work tirelessly in order to help us complete the grant application.

To learn more about the work Atlanta Yoga Movement is doing or to donate to our cause, please visit:

About Atlanta Yoga Movement:

Atlanta Yoga Movement is a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization that seeks to bring yoga into Atlanta schools to support the learning and lives of faculty, staff and students. The organization pairs qualified, quality yoga instructors with schools to administer yoga curriculum’s, which incorporates literacy, movement and mindfulness.

Awilda Rivera, Board Chair


These eager student are challenging themselves with Eagle Pose.

These eager student are challenging themselves with Eagle Pose.

Attitude and Altitude of Joy at Avondale Elementary~

Written by Cheryl Crawford on . Posted in Elementary School Yoga, Inspiration

We need only to clear the hidden patterns that cloud our innate joy…

or rise above them.

So we can be a source of joy for our children.

We use tools to rid the subconscious of the patterns of performance and the hidden self-concepts that block us from perceiving and choosing our birthright of joy.


IMG_0332Joy is not found in test scores, materials, or paychecks. It is an attitude and an altitude we bring to all those areas of teaching.IMG_0326We practice the art of tuning into sound currents and tuning into our breath..



So we can model for our children how to focus on sound as well…


We practice consciously relating to our bodies, so our minds can relate to us…



We twist

We laugh…




We practice patience and compassion…


We open and connect..

We listen…


We take our practice back into our classrooms and share our tools with our students…



Thank you, Dr. Dontae Andrews, for inviting me into your school. Avondale Elementary embodies the principles of IB~ so open-minded and generous of heart. We look forward to breathing with your students.


PS. Let me know if that mudra works in traffic~ 🙂

Sat Nam

Rebellion to Revolution

Written by Cheryl Crawford on . Posted in High School Yoga, Inspiration, Student Feedback

Students at the alternative school that services the expelled youth in north Fulton County~

You are so fresh,

so curious

and so beautiful!


I laughed when you asked….

“Is that a device to crush pills?”

IMG_0264I beamed when you asked, “Can I try to do a handstand?”

IMG_0261Remember when you were choosing “I AM statements, and  you said, “I Am Hungry.” “I am hot.”

Remember hungry is a feeling. You feel hungry. What are you?

You closed your eyes  and placed one hand on your belly and one on your heart.

I Am What I Am

You responded….

“I am Love.”

“I am Brave.”

“I am Friendly.”

“I am Fire.”

“I am Gangster.”

What kind of Gangster? Charlie Brown and Snoopy are part of a gang. Gangsters can be helpful or hurtful depending on how they use their power. Are you a spiritual gangster?

You said, “I am a Spiritual Gangster.”


Thank you for sharing your stories.

It takes a lot of power to be expelled from school.

You used your power for rebellion, an explosion of anger. The element of fire.

What if your purpose is to illuminate a new way of being in the school system?

IMG_0260What if you learned how to contain your power, so it can be used to benefit humanity?

You could start a Revolution of Right Action.

Take a tremendous leap forward,

be part of the evolution in consciousness,

a new way of


IMG_0259Go radiate hope for humanity.

You’ve got what it takes.

Sat Nam

Here’s to the Children…

Written by Cheryl Crawford on . Posted in Elementary School Yoga, Inspiration

Here’s to the Inquirers

and the Ones who listen with intention~

IMG_4673Here’s to the risk takers

and the Ones who keenly observe.

IMG_4705Here’s to the Communicators

and the Ones who withhold until certain~

IMG_4698Here’s to the Balanced

and the Ones who wobble without worry~


Here’s to the Caring

and the Ones who are free from needing approval~

IMG_4734 copy

Here’s to the Principled

and the Ones who question authority~


Here’s to the Thinkers

and the Ones who lead from their heart~


Here’s to the Reflective

and the Ones who refreshingly revel in silly~


Here’s to the Open-Minded

and the Ones who made up their minds~


Here’s to the  Knowledgeable

and the Ones who are in touch with their inner wisdom~



Here’s to the children who know victory,

who know not just strength, but strength to hold sensitivity,

who know Love is Love,

and the ones,

who will know…

Thank you, Rachel Schattle for Rising Up to take beautiful pictures of the beautiful children at Allgood Elementary~

And thank you Allgood Elementary for your Soul Force


Sat Nam

Activating Positive Energy at Druid Hills High

Written by Cheryl Crawford on . Posted in Inspiration

We practiced building Pranic {Life Force}, energy that fuels our hearts and lungs. The power of our breath can transform our consciousness so we don’t ever have to feel stuck in any particular energetic state. We have the tools and the power to change it.


We tuned into our energy flows and noticed if we felt in any way depleted or stuck. We noted where we felt open and free.

IMG_9682 (1)We concentrated on grounding old, stuck energy and feeling the pulse of our bellies.

IMG_9684We kept our eyes steady, even as teachers, administrators and fellow students walked by. We listened to the sound of our breath even when the pose became challenging.

IMG_9685We practiced breath work that even included holding our breath on the inhale to help open up the inner space more. When our Pranic Energy is balanced and strong, our physical body feels healthy and our mind is easier to calm.

IMG_9686We brought awareness to the beating of our hearts and the pulse of our bellies and worked on sinking beneath the ordinary mind into a deeper space.

May ALL children learn how to let go of sticky,negative energy and fill up with vibrant, positive energy.

Sat Nam


Thank you Rachel Schattle, our dear intern, for the stunning pictures.



Deeper, Stronger, Better in Dekalb County Schools

Written by Cheryl Crawford on . Posted in Inspiration

We, at Elizabeth Andrew’s High School, hear about Superintendent Green’s theme for this year:

“Our work must be DEEPER, STRONGER,  BETTER for our district and students.



We need the strength to deeply fill up with vitality so we can be better at pouring out compassion and creativity.  These small acts of breath work and movement can carry great power.


We tune into our starting point by orienting our awareness inside. And come into an inwardly reflective place.


We begin to balance the hemispheres of our brain and to systematically raise the energy from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.


We inhale and exhale through the left nostril. It’s calming and cooling for the nervous system, activates our right brain, our creativity and imagination and is a wonderful way to shift our perspective.

We then inhale and exhale through our right nostril. It’s energizing, helps us focus, build strength and vitality and release old stuck patterns. Now we can get deeper and better.


Even the administrators are widening their breath, their heart, their prospective.
We all lengthen our breath, lengthen our aliveness. We are deeper, stronger, better.


We feel the effects of this vital energy flowing through us. Way more than an instinctual reaction to things, we are developing our capacity to live from a deeper, stronger, better space of inner knowing no matter what the external circumstances.


We can allow ourselves to perceive and act upon inner wisdom. We can make decisions and choices that are aligned with our path of truth and that reason we became teachers.

We can strengthen our minds and experience a deeper peace, which grows into a better presence that supports us and accompanies us with our colleagues and our students.


We build strength in our ability to look at the bright side of life by releasing tension. We keep the light burning strong, fill up deeper with joy, and become better and better at connecting with our students.


The Dalai Lama teaches us, “In order to carry a positive action, we must develop here a a positive vision. ” So we drink our Laughter Milkshakes,and get stronger, deeper and better.

May all teachers fill up with vitality so they may pour out compassion and creativity. May all students do the same.

Namaste, Elizabeth Andrews High~ it’s so easy to see the light in each and every one of you. You already embody Superintendent Green’s theme.


Thank you Dr. Frederick for capturing the radiance of your school family. You are a treasure.


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